On-Site Interpretation

Interpretation is the verbal translation of a source language into a target language. However, interpretation requires far more than syntactic knowledge. Skilled interpreters are trained professionals, capable of conveying the contextual meanings, cultural beliefs, and ideas from the source language in their interpretation. 

TNOLA offers a range of on-site interpretation services, achieving the highest levels of understanding by creating an interpersonal experience. Our on-site interpreters design their interpretation format to meet each client’s specific needs. TNOLA’s on-site interpretation services fall under two overhead categories, and they are always executed with the utmost professionalism.

On-site Interpreter Services in New Orleans & the Gulf South

TNOLA is a premier interpretation service provider with a personal investment in New Orleans and the Gulf South region. New Orleans’ history and appealing geographic location as a trade route has created a melting pot of languages. TNOLA is dedicated to building a community without language barriers, both in Louisiana and across the globe. Our on-site interpreters serve as ambassadors for global unity and understanding. We offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation to achieve our goal.  

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is an interactive process between the source language speaker and the interpreter. The interpreter takes notes while the source language speaker talks, compiling the speaker’s words and their non-verbal communication. The interpreter’s notes form the basis of the interpretation, equipping them to convey the speaker’s ideas, beliefs, and tone into the targeted language. The interpretation is given after the source language speaker has concluded. Consecutive language interpretation achieves comprehensive audience understanding. 

Often, words and ideas have no exact translation. A professional on-site interpreter consolidates the source language speaker’s words and encapsulates the speech’s core meaning. A physically present interpreter helps audiences comprehensively understand the material. Additionally, TNOLA’s consecutive language interpreters come equipped with visual aids to support the source language speakers’ comprehension. 

Simultaneous Interpretation

TNOLA’s simultaneous interpretation service provides immediacy. Our on-site interpreters are trained to interpret the source language speaker’s words into the target language while they are still speaking. This is the most timely form of interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation is beneficial for conference settings where schedules must be strictly upheld. This mode also allows for a much larger group of listeners or attendees to take advantage of the interpretation being provided through the use of Interpreting equipment.

Interpreting Equipment, such as the earpieces worn by U.N. members, allow the Interpreters to provide a direct audio feed to the listener, in the language they need. This is a popular option for events that require several languages to be interpreted since presenting multiple interpretations simultaneously is confusing and impractical. Even when only one target language is interpreted, certain clients prefer the privacy and discretion a noise-reducing room provides.

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When Are On-Site Interpreters Needed?

On-site interpreters are necessary for the interpretation of complex subject material. Bi-linguality does not ensure accuracy when interpreting industry-specific vocabulary. Both the medical and legal fields require the services of an on-site interpreter. Advanced knowledge of the field allows on-site interpreters to accurately convey relevant terminology and convert confusing jargon into the target language.

As a Certified Spanish Language Court Interpreter, TNOLA’s founder, Andrew Dafoe, has seen firsthand the importance of accurate translation for coming to a fair and just court ruling. The Constitution gives defendants the right to be present at all stages of their legal proceedings, and without linguistic access to the proceedings, this right would be denied to them. TNOLA provides legal field experts who are equipped to interpret both the language and the complex terminology,   

Emotionally charged events require the comforting and humanizing presence of an on-site interpreter. Hospitals that receive federal government funding are required to provide free interpretation services. According to The Affordable Care Act, failure to do so is a breach of Federal law. Medical scenarios which have life-altering results require complete understanding, and the use of untrained interpreters or family members can create serious ethical and legal violations.

TNOLA helps doctors connect with their non-native English speaking patients, allowing them to provide the same attentive care they offer their native English speaking patients. On-site interpreters facilitate accurate diagnosis, efficient treatment plans, and better health outcomes. Additionally, an on-site interpreter provides compassion, which is unachievable with a digital interpretation service. 

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Professional On-Site Interpreters in the Gulf South

TNOLA Languages was founded with the idealistic goal of creating a community without language barriers, and we’ve equipped ourselves for success by offering the most personalized and professional on-site interpretation service in the Gulf South. Partner with us in breaking down divisive boundaries by calling our office and booking an on-site interpreter. As a comprehensive language service in the multilingual state of Louisiana, we provide language access and cultivate understanding.

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