Why Automatic Subtitle Generator Software Does Not Work

While it may seem convenient in a pinch, unfortunately automatic subtitle generator software does not work well enough for situations where accuracy matters. Machine subtitling of movies or viral videos can sometimes produce amusing results. These errors may seem insignificant, imagine a situation like a safety training video where getting the message across really counts.

Why you should Not Rely on Google Translate: Limitations of Machine Translation

If you own a business and require translation services, you might be tempted to use the free Machine Translation services such as those available online to cut down costs. Translating detailed documents involves understanding little nuances as well as a thorough comprehension of both the languages involved. This is especially necessary if the document in question is a compliance training text, a legal contract, confidential financial reports, medical health reports, drug trial evaluations or global advertising material. In all these scenarios Google Translate or other Machine Translation applications should not be relied upon for the purpose of accurate translation.

What’s the Difference Between Interpreting and Translating?

Few people are aware of the fact that there’s a difference between interpreting and translating. For many, the terms are interchangeable, and they both have the same meaning. While they both involve converting information from a source language to a target language, each takes place in different circumstances and have different uses. So, in order …

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