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TNOLA Languages finds you remote and on-site interpreters in Houston, Texas, as well as providing Houston translation services. Not sure whether you need translation or interpretation? The short answer is that translation involves written communication such as legal documents, websites, or emails. By contrast, interpretation takes place in a variety of spoken language contexts, from conferences, to concerts, to video calls. TNOLA Languages provides both translation and interpretation services.

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Houston’s Linguistic Makeup Means You Need To Consider Language Accessibility

If you’re new to the Houston area, and you think your business or event might need to communicate in more languages than just English, your instincts are correct. Houston has a large population, rich in linguistic diversity. The 2020 Census found that among people in Houston over age 5, nearly half “sometimes or always spoke a language other than English at home.” The City of Houston published a list of the top 25 languages spoken in Houston from 2011-2015. Aside from English, the languages with the largest numbers of speakers included Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, and French.

This linguistic diversity means that many of your customers, clients, patients, or event attendees may need to communicate with you in another language, making access to interpreters and translators essentially a requirement of operating in Houston. Fortunately, TNOLA Languages’ Houston location allows us to easily provide language services in the Houston community that cater to these needs.

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On-Site Interpreters in Houston for Events and More

Houston boasts many spectacular event venues, from Houston CityCentre to the George R. Brown Convention Center. When you are planning an event in a city as diverse as Houston, you need to take into account whether your attendees and presenters will speak different languages. The presence of professional interpreters on-site will set your event apart and show that you planned this aspect of your event as carefully as you planned every last detail. TNOLA Languages professional interpreters that can travel to events within the greater Houston area. Our on-site interpretation can make your event linguistically accessible, so that all of your attendees feel included and everything flows smoothly.

On-Site interpretation goes beyond events to other contexts such as legal proceedingsmedical appointments, and educational settings. In these situations, the presence of an effective interpreter can make all the difference, so bringing TNOLA Languages’ services to Houston can make a positive impact on the community.

When Not All Speakers Are Located in Houston: RSI, VRI, and OPI

What if you are located in Houston but want to have a video chat or phone call with someone in Atlanta in another language? On the other hand, maybe you live in Boston but need to talk with someone in Alvin? TNOLA Languages can help facilitate interpretation at a distance. In fact, we’re headquartered in New Orleans but can offer remote language services throughout the United States.

Opened in 2022, TNOLA Language’s Houston office gives us another “home base” from which to operate and helps us to connect with the community. This means that if you’re local, you can meet up with us in person, if you’re not local but you need interpretation to speak to someone who is, we can meet up with them in person, and if neither of you are local, we can still make communication happen for you. We offer three primary modes of interpretation with at least one party at a distance: RSI, VRI, and OPI.

RSI stands for Remote Simultaneous Interpretation. With RSI, a listener can hear what is being said by a speaker in a different location, in their prefered language, at the same time that the speaker is speaking. The simultaneous element means no waiting for the speaker to finish and the interpreter to begin. Simultaneous interpretation requires a two-interpreter team, but with RSI, the two interpreters might not even be in the same location as each other! Given these aspects of RSI, it requires highly skilled interpreters, and must be scheduled well in advance. TNOLA Languages is proud to count RSI among its services available in Houston.

VRI and OPI, by contrast, do not require a long lead time. The acronym VRI stands for Video Remote Interpretation, and it essentially involves a video call between speakers and an interpreter. The video format of VRI allows for the benefit of seeing body language, a critical component of communication. OPI is Over-The-Phone interpretation, taking place over a phone line, and appropriate for contexts such as customer service or answering brief questions. The benefit of this type of interpretation is that once you sign up for this service , you can call and be connected to an interpreter with very little wait time.

TNOLA Languages’ Houston Translation Services

Professional translation helps you get your message across accurately. Machine translation applications, such as Google Translate, currently cannot adequately process the nuances that can make all the difference in human communication, particularly regarding emotions. Additional limitations include the inability to ensure confidentiality when typing text into the Google translate box. Instead, when you need a document translated in Houston, you can turn to TNOLA Languages’ Houston translation services. Our professionals who not only pride themselves on accuracy, but also that take confidentiality and privacy seriously. Houston’s hospitals have been ranked among the best in the country. Houston’s patients also expect that level of professionalism when it comes to translation of medical records. Whether HIPAA-protected medical information, private financial information, or confidential legal documents, TNOLA Languages’ translators treat your information with care and deliver the results you need.

TNOLA Provides the Language Services You Need in Houston and Beyond

We’re very excited about our Houston location, expanding our ability to provide on-site services. However, TNOLA Languages has a network of translators and interpreters that can serve locations throughout the United States, and our phone interpreters may serve international locations. Get in touch with us to let us know what you need, whether it’s interpreters in Houston or translation in New Orleans. Contact us for a quote today!